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 I'm in love with a gangster

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Crystal Snow
Crystal Snow

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I'm in love with a gangster Empty
MesajSubiect: I'm in love with a gangster   I'm in love with a gangster EmptyDum 29 Mar 2020, 2:57 pm

No one said it's easy to fall in love. No one expected that an underground rapper to fall in love with a pink-haired gang leader. Yet, it happened. This would be my love story if you were asking what the hell am I talking about. I am Min Yoongi, also known as Agust D. Who am I in love with? Park Jimin. Who is he? The leader of Kitty Gang. 

It all started in the club I was singing. There were gangsters and their pets almost every night. They loved my rap, which was against the world who hated them. I used to be in a gang too until the leader got jailed, and we had to break up to keep us safe. I ran from Daegu in Busan. There I found this club, and I used my talent in music to earn honest money. It wasn't my fault the money was not "clean" before I won it. The club was legal. 

How I met Jimin? Actually, he found me. I got in a heck lot of problems with the gangsters in that club, and one of them kidnaped me. Why? Because I dared to refuse them. I never sang what people asked me to. And that got me into a heck lot of problems. 

Yet, I never expected for Jimin to come after me. That pink-haired kid was something special, everyone feared him.  No one dared to upset him. He was like a king or something. He was beautiful and pierce, I liked him from the start, but I never spoke to him directly. His guard dogs, Gucci Boy Taehyung and Bunny Jungkook kept me from talking to him. Yet, their boss seemed interested in me and often called me to their table to chat. Jimin was nice, but his guard dogs were pissing me off. Tae was way too clingy with his boss, and the bunny was eyeing me like I was the most dangerous person on earth compared to them. 

Coming back to the story, Jimin saved me, and I owed him since that day. It's been more than 6 months since he kept me, and since then, I only sang for him and his pets. He was holding those two kids with him because he felt like they could actually do some good for him. They were, but they were also annoying. Taehyung was all about the Gucci clothing Jimin bought him. As for the bunny, he was getting bulkier by each day. Jimin was paying for his training at the town gym. 

Now I am tied up in my room from Jimin's home. I am not literally tied up, just locked up. Jimin doesn't want me to leave his side, and I understand him. I was his reward from that fight. He fought over me. And now I was playing by his rules. 

"Yoongi... will you be a sweetheart and come to my office?" Jimin called me using a walkie-talkie. I wasn't even locked up. The door was always open, and I could stay anywhere in the house, yet, I was comfortable in the room he gave me. It was small, but just my taste. I had a piano and a guitar, a desk where I could write my lyrics down, and a bed I shared with Jimin almost every night. I entered his office. It was a massive room with only a desk and two chairs. 

"Yes, Jimin? Did something bad happen? You need my help?" I asked, bowing in front of him. He taught me to bow every time I entered that office. The first month I got severely punished for not listening to him. That damn bunny punished me every single time. And his punched weren't soft at all. Afterward, Jimin would've come and caressed me until I fell asleep. He was kind, but his rules had to be respected, or else we got punished. Even his dogs got penalized from time to time. I once saw him punishing Taehyung for disturbing me from singing to him. The poor boy got beaten up with a leader whip, which seemed to hurt a lot. 

"Come here, Yoongi, dear. Nothing happened, baby. I just wanted to see you. I missed you. The past few days were so full that I couldn't visit you. I'm sorry, baby." he was so upset because of that. I felt the regret in his voice. He was carrying yet scary.

"Don't mention it. I understand you also have a lot to do and that I need to wait for you to have some free time. I have to be patient." I smiled kindly and opened my arms for him to come to me. He stood up and ran into my arms as fast as he could. "You look tired, boss. Please, get some sleep." 

"Sleep with me, please. I need your warmth. Please." now Jiminie was a small kitten. That's why his gang is also known as Kitty Gang. Jimin was both a demon and a cat. When he was in demon mode, no one could calm him down until he killed someone or he saw me. He was calm since he got me. 

"Sure thing, kitten. Let's go to sleep." I kept him next to me all the way from his office to my room. He was literally sleeping next on his feet. Sweet little kitten... he was so tired, yet he wouldn't rest a little. I put him in bed and started undressing him. He was so innocent in these moments, yet I never took advantage of him. Honestly, I started carrying about him. He was kind towards me most of the time. And he was honest too, even though he was a gang leader. 

I let him in my bed and cuddled up next to him. He was sleeping soundly already, which was rare. He never fell asleep on me like that. He must've really been tired this time. " Sleep well, sweet kitten," I whispered and kissed his forehead. 

He was either a sweetheart or a demon- there was no in-between with him. Maybe that's why I felt for him so hard. He even got me music instruments to compose music. I admit that I love him. I only hope he loves me too... Judging by his actions, he was, but I couldn't be sure since he was bipolar. Nevertheless, I loved him truly. And that won't change one bit. 
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I'm in love with a gangster
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